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What My Clients Are Saying, All Shared with Client's Permission.. 

Thank you from bottom of my heart for our counselling sessions. You have such a lovely way about you that not only made me feel at ease with opening up but not to feel ashamed about how I was feeling. With the way you structured your questions it made me realise certain things about myself that I hadn’t really thought about before. 

I shall remain grateful for your wise words and encouragement 


During my sessions with Megan she has always made me feel extremely comfortable to talk about things openly and honestly which I could not do with friends of family. Her friendly manner made me feel at ease very early on, and it allowed us to dive into the deeper detail and meaning of things very quickly. This brought me to some eye opening realisations which now allow me to deal with situations much better and much earlier than I did before our sessions. She is a fantastic therapist who I would highly recommend.


Megan has been incredibly patient, kind and supportive throughout our sessions. She asked the right questions at the right times and encouraged me to think about actions to try and address some of the challenges I was experiencing. Thank you Megan for your support.


Thank you Megan, your sessions always felt like a safe place to come and share my thoughts and feelings. Your sessions helped me gain a lot of closure on issues I couldn't have done alone. The tips and advice I gained from my sessions have helped me to set boundaries and to be able to cope with situations in a much more positive manner. For anyone considering having sessions with Megan, I would say just go for it as it has been such a good investment. 


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