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How long is each therapy session?

Each session is 50 minutes long. I will usually advise to have sessions weekly or fortnightly, however, I do understand that some clients prefer to have monthly sessions and therefore I am happy to work with each client's individual needs.

How many sessions can I have?

Essentially you can have as many or as little sessions as you like. I am happy to work with your needs, I will normally advise to have an initial block of six sessions and then review every six sessions thereafter.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

I understand that life happens and things can crop up unexpectedly. All sessions are made payable 48 hours prior by bank transfer. If a cancellation is made with longer than 24 hours before the session, I will always do my best to rearrange, however, if less than 24 hours notice is given, the full charge of the session will be retained.

Are the sessions confidential?

I understand opening up to a complete stranger can feel daunting and overwhelming. Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of therapy. I aim to provide a space that you will feel safe enough to open up without any fear or worry. Therefore, everything that is discussed is held completely confidentially, the only exceptions to this, is if I feel that there is risk of harm to either yourself or another person or child. This is something that we would discuss in more depth during our initial sessions.

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